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The Gifts…

December 20, 2011

So my family already had their Christmas gathering so I can now share the craziness I was up to the last week to prepare..

A hat and scarf/cowl for my brother’s girlfriend Brittany, whom I love..

Look, it’s one person that is still thrilled to have a knitted gift, unlike the rest of my family..haha..

Finished this Turn A Square hat for Luke or for someone..not sure yet if it’s the right color scheme for my husband, that’s the wonder of working with Noro though, you never know what’s going to come up in the stripes..

Excuse how hideous my model’s been beaten up obviously..but for .25 at a garage sale I couldn’t get a better deal, and he’s much more cooperative than m live models I have to choose from around here..

A hat for my brother in law..

I have slipper boots (mukluks) started for the girls.. out of some gifted Yukon yarn..

My gift to myself while making signs for gifts..two new signs for my parlor…

For my mom…

This one may be mine…

I found a sweet little pattern for Felted Heart Rings and decided to try it yesterday, this one is for Emmagail, it fits my pinky..haha

I also had some time with a new friend, Amber at Nalani Yarns She hand dyed these two yarns, I can’t wait to try them out!!

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