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On My Needles Marathon..

March 21, 2011

I have found I lose momentum if I have lag time between projects, I have a hard time deciding and then I waste time searching for the perfect choice. SO, I have tried to keep more than one project going so I am productive. Saturday and Sunday I spent time starting 5 projects.

1. A girly Turn A Square Hat to fit one of the girls..

2. A new baby girl hat of my own design..for now we’ll call this one Chocolate Strawberry Sundae.

3. Woven Cables Scarf in Quince & Co’s Puffin..LOVE it so far..

4. I have been meaning to start this for a few months, Luke requested a blanket so I bought the yarn on sale this past fall and finally started it will be my own design and it will take me a while, I just hope I don’t end up loathing it haha!

5. Last but not least, I bought this sock yarn the year I started knitting when I visited my first yarn shop. I’ve been saving it, and I bought a book last summer about how to do two socks at a time, SO, I’ve casted on, which was complicated enough..I just hope it gets easier 😉

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