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A Button Scarf & Yarn Love..

February 27, 2011

Friday evening I finished the Landscapes Scarf..since I only had one skein I decided to make it a mix between a cowl/ actually will fit Emmagail or I ..we decided a button would pull it together, she really wanted a purple one, but I talked her into this one and promised to make her a purple one to put a purple button on.

On an even happier note, I went to Kansas this weekend, was able to hang out and knit with friends and went to the little shop I bought the yarn for that cowl I made last week and they had found a ton more and this time in other colors! So much to the cashier’s delight, I walked out of the craft room with my ARMS FULL of this yarn in the colorway shown below and more of the colorway I used on the cowl. She thought it was hysterical and I told her that, yes, I knew I was sick hahahaha! I can only imagine the stories she will tell about me, I did show her the cowl so at least maybe she won’t think I’m a complete nut 😉 and even if she does, I don’t mind because I know that this yarn at the price I got it at, can’t be beat!

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